Most recent Publications 2021

Rieger B, Arroum T, Borowski MT, Villalta J, and Busch KB (2021) Mitochondrial F1FO ATP synthase determines the local proton motive force at cristae rims EMBO Rep e52727. doi:

Bhagawati M, Arroum T, Webeling N, Gonzales Montoro A, Mootz HD, and Busch KB (2021) The receptor subunit Tom20 is dynamically associated with the TOM complex in mitochondria of human cells MBoC E21-01-0042. doi:

Salewskij K, Gross-Thebing T, Ing-Simmons E, Duethorn B, Rieger B, Fan R, Chen R, Govindasamy N, Brinkmann H, Kremer L, Kuempel-Rink N, Mildner K, Zeuschner D, Stehling M, Zwaka TP, Busch KB, Vaquerizas JM, and Bedzhov I(2021) Ronin governs the metabolic capacity of the embryonic lineage for post-implantation development EMBO Rep e53048. doi:

Weissert V, Rieger B, Morris S, Arroum T, Psathaki OE, Zobel T, Perkins G, and Busch KB (2021) Inhibition of the mitochondrial ATPase function by IF1 changes the spatiotemporal organization of ATP synthase BBA Bioenergetics 1862, 148322. doi: